Emergency Roof Repair in Baltimore

No one wants to have a roofing emergency, but sometimes the Mother Nature has other plans. Everyone has been there. It may be a heavy rain storm or hail with high winds. Tree branches are swaying. You hear the sound of clapping coming from the roof. Then, you hear it- a huge bang that shakes the whole house. A tree fell right on the roof.

Emergency roof repair in Baltimore is never a welcomed experience. However, when it happens, you have to deal with it and do so quickly. Here are some things that cause emergency roofing situations to occur:

  • Fallen tree or tree limbs
  • High winds that tear off roof decking or shingles
  • Natural wear and tear due to UV radiation and the weather
  • Flashing failure
  • Improper installation

Safety First When Assessing Roof Repair

All of these things can force you to act quickly and repair your roof. So what can you do in these situations? First of all, remember that safety is the most important thing. While it may be tempting to jump up on the roof and start assessing damage, is it safe? Do you really have the tools needed to protect yourself and the roof?

If a storm was the cause, remember that winds can keep moving and easily brush you off the roof if you aren’t careful. Also, rain and hail make a roof slick. You can easily fall and have a completely different emergency on your hands. Stay safe!

If the cause of the roof leak was just gradual wear and tear, make sure you pick a safe day to do your inspecting. Emergency roof repair in Baltimore may best be left to the experts like us at Baltimore Roofing Pros. We have the equipment, experience and training needed to do the job right.

When it is safe, do a visual inspection of your roof. Notice any debris or obvious damage to the roof. When you speak to a professional, tell them what you found and where you believe the problem areas are. Once you give them the information, let them do their thorough and full assessment. They may be able to find areas of weakness that you didn’t see and aren’t big enough to cause visible damage yet.

Rely on Experts When Faced with Emergency Roof Repair in Baltimore

When looking for emergency roof repair in Baltimore, be careful with your own assessment of damage. Be sure that you are always on the side of caution and let the professionals do the hard work. That’s why you are paying them and that’s what they are trained to do.

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